Beware of the Company You Keep

To everyone who voted Leave in 2016, I need to point out what your leaders are doing to protect themselves and their families from the predictable, adverse impacts of Brexit. For instance, we already know:


  • John Redwood, when not working as MP for Wokingham, works as the paid as Chief Strategist for investment firm Charles Stanley. In this capacity, he’s already advised investors to move their investments out of the UK in order to invest, instead, in the Eurozone.


  • Jacob Rees-Mogg’s investment company, Somerset Capital Management, has established a new office in Dublin, so it can continue to serve its clients in the EU post-Brexit. This obviously makes sense to Jacob Rees-Mogg, as he’s recently confessed, in a TV interview with Krishnan Guru-Murthy, that it could take up to 50 years for his ‘presumed’ benefits of Brexit to materialise.


  • Lord Lawson, who already lives in France, and pontificates regularly on British media about the benefits of Brexit and the non-existence of human-driven climate change, is applying for French citizenship.


  • Arch Brexiteer, Nigel Farage, has admitted he’s already secured German passports for the children from his marriage with his first wife, Kirsten Mehr.


Now, we’ve learned that Steve Baker MP, former Brexit Minister, has recently invested £70,000 of his own money in an investment fund that enables clients to invest in gold to protect them against the predictable adverse financial impacts of Brexit – see


While I fully understand why all these leading Brexiteers are taking action to protect themselves and their families from the predictable adverse financial effects of Brexit – which they know are coming – what really gets up my nose is that they’re still pushing Brexit to the rest of us ordinary people who can do nothing whatsoever to mitigate against the adverse effects of Brexit.


Also, the people who will suffer most from Brexit will be the poorest, disabled. most disadvantaged members of UK society, not rich Brexiteers who can take action like this to protect themselves and their families, or rich hedge fund owners who can make boat-loads of money from declining values of the pound and the UK economy.


When will Leave voters begin to recognise they were conned in 2016? Clearly, voting Leave is not their fault, as, in 2016, they were promised “the sunlit uplands of prosperity”, “the exact same benefits”, “the easiest trade deal in human history”, £350 million a week” extra for the NHS, etc, etc.  However, life has moved on since then, and we now know all these promises were just unsupportable assertions.