China is still very much an Evil regime with Xi Jinping acting as little more than a ‘Devil in disguise’ as the words of the Elvis Presley song goes. Trying his best to be portrayed as someone you can do business with. And nothing much will change without you making it happen. As a large company or an individual we all can make our own difference. And if enough of us do so that will force the Chinese Government to eventually change for the better.

You may as individuals find upsetting and distasteful China’s approach to their occupied states like Taiwan, Tibet and Hong Kong etc or thee threats they throw around with Mongolia and India; particularly in view of their violent, ruthless and unforgiving Human Rights record.

Of course it is not just illegally occupied states that suffer, but China’s own people. But it is understandably difficult to fight for your rights in China when they have a standing army of 2.3Million to face.

And it is not something that the Chinese Government will think twice about in using in order to stamp out every last vestige of dissent. Some do try though, as we all remember with Tiananmen Square on the 5th June 1989 and that one brave man who stood firm against the tanks sent in to squash a peaceful protest. The people do have the numbers of course to overthrow the Government, but it needs organisation and support on a national and international scale.

‘So what can I do about it?’ is something we hear quite a lot from people who do really care, but do not think they alone can make a difference. Well clearly we do not advocate taking up of arms, that is something for a popular internal uprising by the people and not for us as a campaigning organisation to propose. But it is wrong to think you cannot make a difference yourself.

As an organisation the ‘Free World’ has a number of commercial entities with which we are associated. Ranging from the Financial and Legal sector through to retail traders, import and export. And China is only one of a number of Countries we do not trade with.

We receive approaches all of the time from Companies in China who want to trade with us, we simply inform them that China is on our blacklist of countries we will not buy from or sell too and explain the reasons why.

Often that is enough to put them off, but some are more persistent and attempt to distance themselves from their Governments actions. We politely stand our ground and explain to them that they need to show that to their Government then more forcibly, but that for our part we will not trade with them until major changes are made and objectives met.

What we are saying is the taking your own economic stand against China and other oppressive regimes, will ultimately and in the long run make a difference.

You do not have to be a large corporation to do this, you might be an eBay or online trader, simply refuse to buy or sell to China. Also you should not support a non Chinese company who are based in China by buying from or to selling to them.

When buying electricals and toys etc, look at where they were made and if it is in China, then move on. There are just as good alternatives available from our domestic markets or if you want to go overseas consider supporting places like South Korea.

Of course there are other more political things you can do, by supporting campaigns like Free Tibet, writing to your MP or the Embassy etc.

But by simply thinking before you buy or sell you have an easy way to make that difference without costing you a lot of time or expense.

‘Think before you buy, before you sell’