PRESS RELEASE dated 11 May 2017


Voting and Europe

Stephen Dorrell, who was the Conservative MP for Loughborough and then later Charnwood for many years, is now Chair of the UK branch of the European Movement, an international, cross-party organization inspired by the vision and values of Winston Churchill.

In 1945 Europe was a wasteland of bomb sites and corpses. Churchill knew that political action was needed to ensure that nationalism and fascism would be defeated and he promoted the founding of the European Movement dedicated to promoting European unity.

A branch of the European Movement has recently been set up in Leicestershire.  Local branches of the Movement will be marking Europe Day, a day to celebrate peace and unity in Europe on 9 May, although as 9 May is a Tuesday, many local groups will be celebrating this Saturday 13 May instead.

Stephen Dorrell writes about how the issue of Europe affects voters:

“Our central message in this election is that Europe trumps party. We say that not because we are citizens of nowhere, but because we believe that the drift towards nationalist isolation represents a fundamental threat to British interests.

Over the last seventy years there have been disagreements between the parties over both domestic and foreign policy, but no mainstream party has questioned the principle that our interests are best served by full and active engagement in the affairs of the continent in which we live.

But it is precisely that principle which is threatened by Brexit.

That is why the European Movement is joining with others to argue that, in this election, our future relationship with the rest of Europe is more important than party label.

I therefore call on supporters of all political parties, and of none, to join with the European Movement in challenging all candidates to commit themselves publicly to maintain an open mind about the Brexit negotiations and to be willing in principle to support our continued membership of the EU if they believe this is the best way to secure Britain’s national interest”.

Carolyn Thornborow

Campaigns Officer

European Movement, Leics Branch