Ukraine Leader Hardens Rhetoric Amid Crimea Spat With Russia

Ukraine Leader Hardens Rhetoric Amid Crimea Spat With Russia
President Poroshenko warns of possible Russian invasion


The situation in eastern Ukraine is deteriorating and the military may consider imposing a draft if hostilities worsen, President Petro Poroshenko said Thursday. Three soldiers were killed overnight in the worst spate of shelling in a year by Russian-backed separatists in the nation’s easternmost regions, according to the Ukrainian armed forces.

“The probability of escalation of the conflict remains very significant,” Poroshenko said in a televised speech. “We don’t rule out a full-scale Russian invasion.”

Rising tensions in Ukraine are heightening concern that the nation’s two-year-old conflict, which has killed almost 10,000 people, is in danger of boiling over. Ukraine has rejected the Russian president’s allegations that it sent saboteurs to Crimea who killed two Russian servicemen, while Putin has vowed to respond with “very serious” measures. Efforts to bring peace to eastern Ukraine have stalled, with the Russian leader saying planned talks at next month’s Group of 20 summit in China would be pointless.

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