The time is fast approaching when a meaningful parliamentary vote, followed by the much heralded People’s Vote will be upon us. So what do we know and what do we do.

Well we know a huge lot more than we did in 2016 of the effects on our own freedoms, our countries and our own personal economy. We know now of the real financial agenda behind Jacob Rees-Mogg, John Redwood and companies ERG faction within the Conservative party. And its desire to continue with the ‘fringe’ financial dealings that their finance houses pursue and which will be outlawed under the new EU regulation.

But what we most importantly know is that both the Prime Ministers Deal and an ERG driven No Deal will leave us immensely poorer.

What is not be said though, are the parlous facts behind the state of the Conservative Party itself. Of the Conservative voters in 2015, 31% of them voted Remain in 2016. We know that a third of these voters have since moved to other parties or become floating.

In 2017 there was a 5.5% increase in Conservative vote share (although Labour increased by 9.4%), but this hides the real story. Even with this share increase 13 seats were actually lost.

So let’s look at this a little closer. UKIP saw an even poorer result than on previous occasions and whilst we know some of their 10.8% loss went to Labour, the vast majority was a ‘fair weather’ swing to Conservative, in the belief that a hard Brexit would ensue.

So couple this with the DUP ‘financial incentive’ vote, the possibility of losing some or all of the 31% Remain vote, the fact that core Conservative voters are passing away at the rate of 2% per annum (6% since 2016) things are starting to unravel and in fact look pretty grim for decades.

As fellow Conservative Anna Soubry MP said in November 2018, ‘The young will never forgive my party’

Should Theresa Mays deal or an ERG No Deal be allowed to be perpetrated on the UK, come 2020 it will be a case of – Go back to your constituencies, and prepare for a very long opposition!

Time has run out for fence sitting and job protection, MPs must decided, are they going to do their Nelsonian and Churchillian Duty. namely for those who need reminding – What is in the best interest of the Country and its peoples?

Particularly to MPs in my Conservative party of 40 years, do you want to consign the Country and our party to become an impoverished irrelevance, or to actually stand up to the ERG bully boys of the Westminster corridors and remember that, the UK expects that every man (and woman) will do their duty.

Its ERG or CGE, now is the time.