Theresa May has been acting more like a Dictator with a ‘Bull in a China Shop’ complex since gaining the role of Prime Minister, rather than having the balanced all round view she should be taking.

Her total disregard and flailing attitude towards at least 48% of the country and the Conservative party membership has been astonishing, particularly for someone who will need to ratify her own mandate at sometime in the future with the British public. It is no good relying on Labours current weakness to simply expect a landslide, it is therefore common sense that it would be best not to alienate 48% of the electorate!

As the The Free World look closer at this, It becomes more and more apparent that from the outset she was playing a political power game, waiting to pounce and take control and never really had her heart in staying within the EU in the first place.


Her acts of disloyalty towards the then PM David Cameron are a point of public knowledge, as she grew in the belief she was poised to take power. Her strategic appointment of  Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary (keep you friends close and your enemies closer still!) and banishment of Michael Gove (well he is a little worm, so we her forgive her for that) were all signs that are now being seen for what they really were, clear actions to gain power.

She continues to run rough shod over the Remainers along with the concerns and needs of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, not to forget Europe of course, well their views deserve to be and must be taken into consideration and catered for.

Her threats towards the Judiciary and The House of lords and to introduce new lightning laws to circumvent due process, were simply unforgivable.

But the most offensive of all her threats, was the one to use Royal Prerogative. Thus bringing the Sovereign into the centre of things, unless of course she has her eyes on that job next? But that could all have been constitutionally dangerous and opened the Monarchy up to being severely undermined and even attacked by the republican element in society.

It very much saddens The Free World to have to say this, but these are not the actions of an inclusive Prime Minister who is working for the good of all. It is more the actions of a despot drunk with power for the first time. It is time to stop, take a deep breath and look again before its to late.

We at The Free World are not faceless opportunists, we are life long Conservative voters and Party Members, who have been ignored by the PM when making earlier representations to her. So it is with great sadness that we write this open letter to her.

If you feel you can continue as PM and party leader without the backing of hard core Conservatives like those in The Free World (and we are not alone as Conservative party members in this mind set), then so be it, but we urge you to consider all of your party and the countries needs and change your strategy before it is to late.