The facts are quite simple and all the pathetic inarticulate name calling and blasphemy will not get around that.

The half of the country that was provided with alternative facts by the the other half will exert its democratic right to change the current position and continue to do so until change is has been achieved.
The ‘get over it remoner’ or ‘go and live in Europe then’ retort (and far worse) from ‘Loathers’ is repetitive and indicative of the lack of arguments available against the mounting devastation and additional costs we are face each and every new day.
Do not think for one minute that this will go away any time soon. This is a campaign of attrition and will continue until the objectives had been achieved.
This was demonstrated by the people with the changes forced upon my Conservative Government over the Pole Tax legislation.
Open Britain do not stand alone, with Conservative Group for Europe and The cross party European Movement all planning major events in support. It is worth while restating that 31% of Tory Voters at the 2015 General Election also voted Remain in 2016.
Flame away and abuse if you will, but until somebody can explain to me in plain English why Brexit is a good idea, then the struggle goes on.