Full text of the rattled Leave.EU latest ‘Supporters Email’

So the government has caved, the Lords are demanding that they cave even more, and this week we saw three figures team up in a bizarre rice factory performance to go even further and push for a second referendum on our exit from the EU.

Nick Clegg (sacked by the people of Sheffield), Nicky Morgan (sacked from the cabinet), and David Miliband (chased out of the country by his brother Ed) took to the podiums to preach the same old message of doom and gloom. Nothing of value was said – just the same old lies that millions of Brits rejected during the referendum. See below for a facts-based insight into the UK’s roaring economy.

Most of the media attention focused of course on David Miliband, the ex-foreign secretary who was once considered the natural successor to New Labour. He left parliament in 2013 to lead a scandal-ridden charity that was recently accused of hushing up sex abuse, fraud, and bribery allegations, so who can blame him for wanting to return to the Westminster swamp?

The EU’s woes continue to mount in Italy where Silvio Berlusconi’s decision to step aside from his centre-right coalition with patriotic Lega Nord has opened the door for a Eurosceptic populist coalition between Lega and the Five Star Movement.

Drafts of their potential coalition agreement show the parties are preparing to strike back against Brussels, calling for a return to a pre-Maastricht status quo with mechanisms in place for nations to reclaim their monetary sovereignty by leaving the disastrous single currency. The final agreement, set to be voted on by supporters this weekend, toned things down ever so slightly – but expect things to heat up in a major way when these two parties join forces.

And claims that the anti-establishment parties merely represent a protest vote from an angry electorate have been exploded by post-election polls showing Salvini’s anti-immigration party to be more popular than ever. After polling 17% in the general election and knocking Berlusconi out of serious coalition talks, the populist force is now on 25%. The closer they get to government, the more ordinary Italians like what they see!

In economic news: UK plc is firing like a rocket as the FTSE hits a new all-time high reflecting record profits and near peak revenues. Positive data is abound. Employment is up (again), as is investment and mergers & acquisitions. No surprise the government is happy to help leverage British exports to the United Arab Emirates, knowing it will get its export credit back, while the MoD looks to build its own global positioning system to rival the EU’s faulty Galileo project.

Kind regards,
The Leave.EU Team

The disparity between the fact (the positive performance of the UK economy and continued popular backing of Brexit) and the fiction (the media’s constant attempts to undermine the referendum result while knocking down an independent Britain) grows ever wider. Help us to restore the balance.

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