On Friday, we were all told that the House of Commons will be asked to amend the EU Withdrawal Bill to write an Exit Date – 29 March 2019 – on the face of the Bill.



Both our Chair, the Rt Hon Dominic Grieve QC MP, and our deputy chair, Antoinette Sandbach MP, are opposed to this.   The proposal is fundamentally flawed.   We appeal to all members of the CGE to give all the support they can to our chair and deputy chair.

We appeal to you to contact any MP you know – and your own MP – to tell them that that you believe that the idea of writing a fixed Exit Date on the face EU Withdrawal Bill is completely wrong and ask them to oppose it.   Even if the MP is known to be a Brexiteer contact him or her – it matters a great deal that ALL MPs should know that there is strong opposition to this proposal.    This applies to MPs of ALL parties.

Almost all MPs have email addresses that you can find by going to www.Parliament.uk and putting your postcode or constituency or the MP’s name into the search engine.

  • If you are writing to your own MP, remember to give your address.   Put “URGENT” in the subject line – and try to follow up with a phone call to the MP’s office and ask the staff member who answers to make sure that the MP sees your message BEFORE tomorrow’s debate
  • If you are writing to a friend/contact put “FROM AN OLD FIREND” or “WE MET AT>>>” in the subject line – this means your email should be passed on even though you are not a constituent

We are publishing today a briefing note by Joe Egerton entitled FIXING THE EXIT DATE – A TERRIBLE GAMBLE

 A pdf is attached.  You can use this to reinforce our message by emailing it to your MP and other MPs you know.

 You will find possible covering words for an email below.

It is really important that we all act today to support MPs who are trying to stop an amendment that could be a disastrous mistake for our country.   The amendment may be voted on tomorrow (Tuesday) so don’t delay


Click the link below for full PDF Document

 Taking a terrible gamble 

Reprinted by:

Dr Nicholas P George*

*Dr George is a National and Local member and Patron of the Conservative Party as well as a Party Donor through his Companies. He is also a member of the Conservative Group for Europe, National Member of the European Movement and the European Movements local Campaign Manager for Lincolnshire.

All views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and on this occasion reflect those of the Conservative Group for Europe and probably the European Movement.