In Paul Goodmans misrepresentative and patronising article he comes across like a Mogladite regurgitating the same old, same old, a spoilt kid if you will who cannot get his own way straight away.

Comparing remainers as ‘ shaggy mammoth unprepared for the end of the ice age.’ is simply offensive and in no way goes towards healing the wounds in the party. Just like Boris Johnsons rant at it being a referendum uninfluenced by outside forces, this is a very poor piece and very wide of the mark. As far as it being a ‘small’ number, take a look at what happened yesterday in the marches.

It is not about party politics and neither will articles like this do anything to quell our feelings and bring the party together.

What it has done is made us dig our heels in even further and look forward to the various Conservative led events we are holding in Lincolnshire to inform the people about Brexit’ called ‘Brexit: Explaining the Facts, Exposing the Myths, Exploring the Options’.

Dr Nicholas P George*

*Dr George is a National and Local member and Patron of the Conservative Party as well as a Party Donor through his Companies. He is also a member of the Conservative Group for Europe, National Member of the European Movement and the  Founding Campaign Manager for European Movements Lincolnshire.

All views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and may not necessarily reflect those of the Conservative Group for Europe and probably the European Movement.