Michael Gove sat expectantly with an inane grin on his face, like a child on Christmas morning and on the other side of the desk sat Donald Trump, who was clearly enjoying holding Court. You could see the desperation mixed with the adoration on Goves nervous face, that only the wearing of rose tinted spectacles could bring to his eyes.

Hailing this meeting as a success, Gove has held many further meetings this morning saying that Donald Trump wanted a UK-US trade deal “signature ready” for when Britain left the EU in 2019. During the meeting, Trump took the opportunity to have a did at the outgoing President Obama for saying that Britain would be at the back of the queue for a trade deal:

“it was a mistake for President Obame to say the UK would be at the back of the queue”.

Gove then put it to him that the UK would be at the front of the queue. Trump noticeably turned his gaze away from Gove and with a knowing expression on his face simply replied:

“I think you’re doing great. I think it’s going great.” – Hardly a glowing or positive yes then!

When it was put to Gove that this did not sound like a yes, Gove replied: “One of the things about interviewing President Trump is that he does not like anyone putting words into his mouth. So when you ask a question, it’s as much a prompt to the next flow of information and rhetoric as anything else”.

So more rhetoric that means nothing and the usual spin from Gove.

Gove also said it thought it was possible to “read what it is that [Trump] wants  (really?). When asked if he felt he could trust Trump, he replied: “I can’t make a window into Donald Trump’s soul. But what I can tell is that was enthusiastic about Brexit.”

Not exactly a resounding victory Michael and certainly nowhere near good enough to salvage your sad political career which died back in the summer of 2016? It’s time for you to stop meddling and fade into the obscurity where you belong.

For those of you who have seen the cringe-worthy video of the meeting, it really was a master class, Trump style, in how to say something and nothing in the same breath.