‘In summary a large number of EU policies have an impact on Lincolnshire’ – Lincolnshire CC Brexit impact summary

Martin Hill: ‘Brexit opportunity for farmers’

Martin Hills comments have for some reason now been removed from the Lincolnshire County Council website:


Well that’s not quite going to plan!

With the Government deciding to drip feed  to us more national Brexit Impact Studies, I have today released the Lincolnshire County Council Brexit Impact Studies. Despite the somewhat blasé assertions of my Conservative Party colleague and County Council Leader Martin Hill, it clearly illustrates ways in which our daily lives will be affect and not necessarily in a good way.

  • With Agriculture the estimate is that 15% of the sectors needed funding comes from the EU. Whilst the LCC have set up a Forum to make recommendations, ‘encourage’ central Government to replace the EU funding and provide the necessary monies.
  • The drop in the pound is causing a high increase in importing raw food products, coupled with the supermarket squeeze, farmers are now feeling the impact.
  • The government have only guaranteed to honor EU replacement funding to projects that have already begun under this scheme, this clearly implies that planned projects who expected funding from the EU will no longer receive it, well at least not without a fight I suspect.
  • There is a forecast of 200,000 LEP vacancies in the greater Lincolnshire area between 2012 and 2022 and there is ‘a significant gap in vacancies being filled’

Summary comment ‘In summary a large number of EU policies have an impact on Lincolnshire’

Amazingly, the council ‘Brexit working group’ met on 21 February 2018 and in paper ‘C’ the first column states

‘it was agreed that the working group should explore ways of “getting our fair share” of the £350m per week that the Leave campaign stated would be returned to the UK’

And so it goes on, from funding issues for the Lincoln Bike scheme through to Farming, agriculture and export/import costs.

Not the rosy picture Martin Hill would have you believe.

A full list of the Brexit Working Group Councillors is in the attached PDF should you feel you need to make a comment to them.

Read the full report and working group minutes here: Brexit impact Study Lincolnshire CC