As the corrupt and discredited Chair of Leave.EU Arron Fraser Andrew Banks latest email diatribe (Full Transcript below) would make the blood boil of any decent Conservative, or for that matter any fair minded citizen, both Brandon Lewis Chairman of the Conservative Party and James Cleverly Deputy Chair, fail to act.

By this failure alone they are facilitating the destruction of the Conservative Party, I and many others have been staunch active and financial supporters of for over 40 years. And a majority of my circle of fellow Conservatives have confided in me that they have either already left the party or will be doing so soon.

The Party is already on a knife edge being propped up by the fair weather UKIPer and the DUP, whilst tens of thousands of traditional Conservative voters have turned their backs on the party and have gone elsewhere.

Yesterday we saw 7 honourable Labour MPs leave their party, as a Conservative I can only applaud them. And should the Conservative Party continue in its current direction with Brandon and James allow entryism to prevail, the party will be wrecked.

One thing we all need to understand though, is that even if deselected an individual MP does not need to stand down and they are able to seek reselection at the next General Election. This is why the Leave.EU deselection game is so parlous, as the MP concerned would be encouraged to give up the Whip, further destabilizing the party.


Now read the Transcript of the latest Arron Banks Leave.EU supporter’s email:

Dear Supporter,

Last year we encouraged our supporters to join the Conservative Party to shape the future of the country.

Using our organic reach on Twitter we delivered two and a half million impressions over the summer, calling on Brexiteers to join the Tories as a Blue Wave to make the Conservative Party conservative again. In the autumn our Dirty Dozen ad campaign, targeting the pro-Brexit constituencies of the twelve worst Tory Remainers, reached more than a quarter of a million unique people on Facebook – funded by generous donations from the public.

You answered our call in the tens of thousands and now your commitment to the cause of national independence is paying off. Through 2019 we’ve been putting together a network of like-minded Conservative members in the constituencies of Tory Remainers. Backed by a social media push on deselection that made five million impressions on Twitter in the last month, we’ve responded to thousands of emails and put together groups in the key constituencies.

Nick Boles’ constituency association in Grantham has already voted unanimously to reopen selection proceedings, opening the way for the arrogant, single market obsessed MP to be struck off as Conservative candidate in the seat.

Our supporters in South Cambridgeshire and Beaconsfield are set to do the same to Heidi Allen and Dominic Grieve too, with plans in place to move motions of No Confidence at Annual General Meetings on the 8th and the 29th of March respectively.

We are also pleased to report that Leave.EU supporters in Totnes are prepared to deliver the necessary signatures in their seat to begin the same process against Sarah Wollaston – the duplicitous Tory MP who pretended to back Leave, “defected” to Remain, and is now threatening to quit the party if the prime minister delivers a true Brexit.

With business minister Richard Harrington telling Eurosceptic MPs to leave the party, Damian Collins continuing to run an anti-Brexit witch hunt in the DCMS select committee, and Anna Soubry complaining about a “purple Momentum” (with numbers in Broxtowe reaching a critical mass, she’ll learn a lot more about this in the coming weeks…), it’s clear that we’ve got them rattled.

Now is the time to make a final push and rid the Tory Party of these dreadful Europhile politicians for good.

We stand at a moment of unparalleled uncertainty in parliament, with a government who have been defeated in the Commons seventeen times. Every vote brings a new question of parliamentary arithmetic, and the eventual result hinges on a handful of votes.

It’s more important than ever to bring pressure to bear on the worst pro-EU Tory MPs. We need to remind their colleagues that grassroots Tories want a proper Brexit, not the various forms of betrayal and capitulation being peddled by high profile Remainers. They need to know that we’re well organised and prepared to bring consequences down on those who defy the popular will – as we’re doing right now to Boles, Grieve, Allen, and Wollaston.

But we need your help. As we build up the numbers required to begin the deselection process in even more seats, we’re going to be fighting back against organised attempts to sabotage our work by the political class and Conservative Campaign Headquarters – who, in many cases, forced these candidates on their constituencies to begin with.