ISIS are spreading the locations of Russian embassies in a sick bid to incite more attacks on officials.

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Jihadis disseminated a PDF containing the addresses and contact information of Russian embassies following the shock slaughter of Moscow’s envoy to Ankara and the attack on a bustling Christmas market in Berlin on Monday.

The President added: “And I ask you through channels of partnership to strengthen your work with the intelligence agencies of other states.”

His directive comes just one day after the killing of Russian ambassador Andrei Karlov by a Turkish policeman who could be heard shouting “Allahu Akbar”, in what has since been described as a “terrorist act” by the Kremlin.

Speaking on Tuesday, Putin told of his shock at the “brutality and cynicism” of the Berlin Christmas market attack, which saw a lorry plough into a packed crowd and slaughter 12 innocents.

The terrorist behind the atrocity is still at large, and German authorities say there remains a “significant” threat of another such attack.

Acting in response to his envoy’s killing on Monday, Putin has already ordered his top diplomat and spy chiefs to look into increasing security for Russian diplomats around the world.

In the wake of Andrei Karlov’s death, the Kremlin has sent investigators to Turkey to probe into the murder.