The High Court decision that Parliament should vote on the EU exit is clearly the correct one, as referendums have ALWAYS been advisory unless stated otherwise before the vote takes place. But rather than complain about it, surly we should use this as an opportunity to right the wrongs of the likes of Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson. The scare tactics and frankly ‘LIES’ that were spoken in order to secure a minority win have now come home to roost.

We have also seen a large minority of those who voted to leave shocked by the financial and economic consequences, not to mention the protection of our borders platform wrongly used as a campaign tool, oh and yes the NHS money that will not actually be saved nor will it it be going back into the NHS pot.

To make the protection of our borders part of the vote was quite frankly misleading the British Public. Leaving the EU or staying in does not in itself change border control policy, that is down to each sovereign country to do for itself – that is right it is down to us. Using this as a campaign platform was nothing more than scaremongering and misleading.

So in brief we do not need to leave the EU to change our border policy. We could pass our own laws on things like benefits for instance, as they do in Germany. We continue to offer benefits to EU citizens, but at the level they would receive in their own country – job done and we have not had the heartache of leaving the EU. There are many such examples of a similar nature.

I have to say though that the biggest problem with this was the way in which the referendum was presented to us. It was poorly conceived and certainly not thought through fully, whoever advised the government on this should be exposed and sanctioned for total incompetence. There should have been allowances built into the vote for the likes of Scotland and Northern Ireland who want to sty in, possibly a ‘Win by 10% Margin’ or there would be no further action might have been one answer.

It basically gave Farage and Johnson a free shot. Farage who uses Politics as his own plaything and Johnson who has not really grown up into an adult yet and enjoys petty point scoring over Cameron whenever he can. He even wrote two papers for goodness sake, one for and one against, talk about buttering both sides of your bread.

But it is not to late, if it does come down to a vote in Parliament, here at the we call upon all MP’s to consider the points above and whilst they might be swayed by wanting to ratify the referendum vote, please consider the fact that a large minority of the leave voters would in hindsight and now that the lies and deceit have been uncovered, vote remain!

We are better off in the EU than isolating ourselves outside of it, to trigger article 50 would be tantamount to a new ice age for what might remain of the DisUnited Kingdom.

Now more than ever, we need to stand side by side with our European neighbours.