An EGOTISTICAL, MISOGYNISTIC, RACIST, BULLY enters the White House – ‘oh it’s you Mr President’ as the American voters ‘trump’ the British Brexit vote fiasco by electing Donald Trump as their next President. A man who would struggle to spell that sentence let alone understand it, could be about to hold a gun to the head of the rest of the world.

But should the world be worried about the election of this greatly flawed individual into arguably the most important office in the world.

Well the simple answer is hell yes! we should. Stock markets are falling and president Putin is wringing his hands in delight. The only positive out of this is that the dollar is falling back against the British pound, levelling out some of the damage done by the Brexiteers in the summer.

So god save America, even god will have his/her/their job cut out against this megalomaniac!