We have on a few occasions been asked who we are, often by people who have taken one report out of context without looking at all of the work we have carried out and putting our reports into proper context.

Clearly there are many things in society today that are an affront to average decent and tolerant individuals who make up a good proportion of our society, but sadly there are a great deal of others out there who do not support these ideals.

It would be foolhardy of us to try and take them all on at the same time, so we have selected certain campaigns to concentrate our efforts on. And as such we are critical of China over its dictatorship in Tibet and more recent resurgence of its interest in Taiwan.

We are no big fans of President Putin as you will see from our posts and we believe in self determination for the Falkland Islands and Gibraltar. If they want to remain British then so they should. If they wish to stand alone then that is fine as well. And if they wish to go under the respective governance of Argentina and Spain, then that is also fine. What is not fine is the aforementioned Countries taking them by force of political pressure without the consent of the populace.

We absolutely despise ISIS and their evil followers who we view as nothing more than opportunist gangsters and criminals in all of its unsavoury forms. And they should be wiped from the face of the planet. We do however differentiate between genuine Muslim followers of Islam and do not confuse them with the terrorists of ISIS.

We are very proud supporters of our British Armed Forces in all of its guises and strongly support the Help for Heroes Charity, RBLA and the current Campaign for Marine A, along with the Free Tibet Campaign.

But are we ‘Loony, fascist, Lefties’?

Well this could hardly be further from the case. We are in fact a group of Right of Centre/Thatcherite lifetime Tories and Party Members, who believe in the strength of Europe and changing it from within. Border controls are down to the UK to manage and that being in or out of Europe has very little baring on this at all. But we do accept that if Article 50 is to be triggered we need to get the best for our Country, for us all.

It is for this reason and many others (some of which are to be found in the open comment to Theresa May), that we as life time Tories and paid up Party Members are disenfranchised with our own ‘Prime Minister’ and highly critical of. We also have a sister, self financing and international organisation that works on funding humanitarian projects and exerting political pressure where possible. It is a small group, but with many volunteer supporters throughout the World.

We appreciate that our comments and regurgitated reports from other news sources are not to everyone’s taste, but you cannot please all of the people all of the time. Everyone has the right to free speech, but do not be surprised if someone takes exception to what you say, we certainly are not.

Our country is at a major point in its history, right now and this should not be underestimated. We are a divided country and this divide needs to be healed and quickly before we do significant damage to ourselves.