As childish SPAIN resorts to using ‘Scientific Vessels’ to enter British Sovereign Waters in Gibraltar, the ‘Free World’ calls for action.

The Free World, which has a number of business interests itself throughout the UK, stopped ALL trading, both buying and selling, with SPAIN, ARGENTINA, RUSSIA, CHINA and NORTH KOREA over 7 years ago now and we know that it has had a small affect (but nevertheless an affect) in those countries.

And we are urging all ‘Moral’ and right thinking companies to do the same. We are of course suggestion economical sanctions. Even spending your holidays in countries other than those mentioned above and other corrupt countries helps. A great alternative to holidaying in Spain for instance is of course Portugal

So if the small difference we are already making was magnified by more companies taking a moral stand, then these dictators and bullies would have to sit up and take notice. You do not have to be a large multinational, you could even be an ‘eBay’ trader – every little helps. Stopping trading on ‘eBay’ hits at a personal level and makes the citizens start to question their respective governments.

We do not need to resort to threats of military action all of the time. Let us each take some responsibility to make the World that little bit better – ACT NOW! and make a difference to your world, THE FREE WORLD.