We thought it was only fair if you have ‘Remoaners’, then you should also have your ‘Loathers’, after all that is what they do best.

They Loathe, Europe, they loathe Remoaners, they Loathe foreigners, in fact they pretty much loathe anything and anyone except for ‘Saint Nige’ and that tongue in cheek sainthood is about the only title we see heading his way anytime soon.

He even has been quoted as saying he will not accept his Knighthood until his job is complete! What Knighthood we ask? surely he does not expect to be rewarded for orchestrating the demise of our beloved Country.

With Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland considering breaking away from the Union and Ireland looking at plans to take back the six counties, not to mention half of England incredulous at his antics. It might be a visit to the Tower rather than the Palace heading his way.

It’s time for Nigel Farage and his followers to stop ranting and engage brain and try and be the true statesman you might be if you took the venom out of things. If article 50 is to be triggered, then let it not be the gun that fires the bullet that kills off our country completely.

Even Campaigners for a “hard” Brexit have asked business groups across Europe to put pressure on their governments for a free trade agreement with Britain. ‘Leave Means Leave’ has written to the chambers of commerce in all the other 27 EU states, asking them to call for a “sensible agreement regarding the terms of Britain’s exit from the EU”.

The letter warns that trade barriers would have a “detrimental effect”. It also calls for uninterrupted trade as well as near-zero tariffs.

The letter was written by Leave Means Leave co-chairs Richard Tice and John Longworth, the former British Chambers of Commerce director-general. The group wants to ensure Brexit means the UK is no longer a member of the EU’s single market.

Although this was very poorly conceived and naively executed, as it must surly have brought the UK into further disrepute and ridicule, it was nonetheless a realisation that everyone should be accommodated for.

If we fail to get it right now, permanent harm will be done to the UK and its peoples. And with Remoaners as passionate about the EU as the Loathers are about leaving,  the healing will not even start for over a generation, as it will need that generation to die out and the memories of potentially the biggest disaster this country may ever witness dying with them.