Time to reassess Brexit says Alan Meekings:

Under the headline, “‘Brexit DOES NOT guarantee success’ Brexiteer Liam Fox in SHOCK announcement”, the Daily Express reported on 10 Sep 18 that Liam Fox now says:

  • “We have got to be rational and say that everything will not be wonderful just because we’re leaving the European Union.”
  • “That is not a guarantee that everything will be rosy on the other side.”
  • “Let’s not have an irrational positivity.”

Remember it was Liam Fox who, in 2016, told us that reaching a deal with the EU would be “the easiest trade deal in human history.”

What I hate most – other than man’s inhumanity to man, racism and inequality – is politicians knowingly lying to me. Liam Fox is a leading Brexiteer who will make money after Brexit, just like Jacob Rees-Mogg, John Redwood, etc, and rich Hedge Fund managers, like Crispin Odey, who can make a profit in a falling market by ‘Short- Selling’.

Meanwhile, the lives of rest of us will be ruined by Brexit, while wealthy Brexiteers will feel no pain.

In contrast, in California, which has used referenda since 1856, voters must know precisely what they’re voting for or against.

In 2016, no one in the UK knew what the terms of Brexit might be – albeit Brexiteers like Liam Fox promised Brexit would pave the way for “the sunlit uplands of prosperity”, etc.

We now know this outcome is impossible. So, let’s give voters a Final Say on the terms on offer. What could be more democratic than this?