The man who would be King

Please take a minute (literally) to watch this short video of our Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, representing us in Myanmar – formerly known (by us) as Burma – and weep at his crass ineptitude in this role (see

Then remember that Boris Johnson was the former Lord Mayor of London who used to think remaining in the EU would be a terrific idea but, somehow, now thinks it’s a very bad idea and leaving the EU would be an even more terrific idea instead, offering the UK new “sunny uplands” of prosperity.

Moreover, Boris Johnson is the man whose ambition to become leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister of the UK seemingly knows no bounds. What first comes into his head, I wonder: the best interests of our nation; or his own overweening ambition?

Fortunately, there is pragmatic solution to the catastrophe currently being driven forward by today’s Conservative government, and this is a referendum on reality.

Indeed, democracy demands a referendum on the choice between the terms of Brexit eventually negotiated by today’s Conservative government and the beneficial terms of EU membership we currently enjoy.

Let’s allow  voters decide on the basis of reality, not lies. If most voters still think leaving the EU can, somehow, be more helpful than fixing the political system in Westminster and deliver any net benefits, then so be it.

Author: Alan Meekings

Alan Meekings is a management consultant specialising in the field of Organisational Performance Management. He has led programmes of major change and sustainable improvement with public, private and third sector organisations for over thirty years. He is a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University School of Management, a Visiting Scholar at Heriot-Watt University School of Management and a member of the European Movement nationally and in Lincolnshire.

All views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Conservative Group for Europe or the European Movement.