‘Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth’

The intention of this site is to help to highlight injustice, persecution, oppression, hatred, intolerance and just simple madness.

Our key targets are ISIL, China, Russia, Putin, Argentina and Spain, although all wrongdoers will eventually end up here.

In particular, the illegal occupation of Tibet by China and the oppression and murder of its citizens, Russia and Putin through his illegal occupation of parts of other countries especially the Ukraine.

We do not consider ISIL in any way representative of the Islamic faith and as such do not dignify them by referring to them as the Islamic State. They are nothing more than murderous thieves, terrorists and a cartel of mafia like criminals trading in stolen and looted antiquities and worse.

Argentina for its ongoing threats over the Falkland Islands and Spain for the same reason with Gibraltar.

We are firm supporters of the Free Tibet Campaign, the Tibet relief fund and are 100% behind British Troops and Servicemen and the Help for Heroes Campaign