In the latest diatribe email packed with inaccuracies regarding the EU popularity within other EU Countries, Arron Banks the discredited Chairman of Leave.EU in a temper tantrum cries foul during the recent parliamentary inquiry trying to justify his actions and those of the likes of the increasingly impotant Nigel Farage.

Read the full transcript of their latest email to their supporters sent out today.


Dear Supporter,

I backed Brexit because I love my country and nothing will ever change that.

But, ever since, there’s been a concerted effort by the pro-EU establishment to ruin my life, the lives of my family, and destroy my business interests.

Earlier this week I was dragged before a kangaroo court of Remainers to answer questions for three hours on baseless, laughable accusations made by people desperate to discredit Brexit.

This was nothing more than the culmination of a years-long witch-hunt, and I wasn’t afraid to call them out on it.

They were so desperate to make something stick that they even wanted to keep the grilling going into a fourth hour, but I wasn’t prepared to play their ridiculous games any longer.

But while it’s true that I’ve had the mainstream media setting up camp in bushes near my house, my phone’s been tapped, I’ve been reported to the police on 17 occasions and my family has been targeted, the fact is that this isn’t just limited to me, or other key Brexit figures like Nigel Farage.

Right across Europe people are rising up and rebelling against the rule of an unaccountable, supranational elite in Brussels.

The people of Hungary, Poland and Italy have had enough of dictatorial EU rule. And look at the rise of the AfD in Germany – the fact is, the Brussels bigwigs are on the wrong side of history. They’re out of touch.

People right across the continent want to enact their fundamental rights to national sovereignty. The right to make their own laws, to set their own migration policy, their own specific trading policies made entirely in their direct national interests. And the European Union simply doesn’t get that.

By continuing to push back, by pumping George Soros’ millions into meddling in internal affairs and essentially trying to brainwash the European public into supporting the superstate’s agenda, they’re signing their own death warrant – just look at the fact Angela Merkel could be on the brink of losing power because of her failure to recognise the public’s desire to have a bespoke, German refugee policy.

I’ve felt the full force of the George Soros-funded EU establishment. They’ve had poodle MPs, like Ben Bradshaw, stand up and use parliamentary privilege to make the kind of outrageous accusations they’d never make in public. And fanatical EU MEP Guy Verhofstadt has made a totally defamatory accusation about myself, which I’ve responded to with legal action.

BBC Newsnight even accused me of being a high-powered viagra salesman – but their claims just didn’t stand up!

This is how low the establishment has sunk – you can practically smell the stench of the swamp from here.

Brexiteers and Eurosceptics across Europe are on the right side of history. We’re the future. The EU elite are the past.

But the battle for independence isn’t over. We kept Leave.EU alive because we knew this would happen. I’ll keep fighting for the country but will you stand with me and support Leave.EU in the battle for Brexit?

All patriots need to stand up for what is right, decent and true. You can join the movement here, or donate.

Kind regards,
Arron Banks, Leave.EU Chairman