Personally, I find myself now embarrassed to be a citizen of the UK. The UK used to have a commendable reputation around the world for providing sanctuary for refugees, asylum seekers and individuals not born in the UK but with reasons to live in the UK – like Brian White. Indeed, how could anyone in the UK think it’s OK to deport Brian White back to Zimbabwe?

Obviously, Brexiteers, the Vote Leave campaign and our anti-EU newspapers (think: Mail, Sun, Express, Telegraph, Times, etc) have lied to voters about immigration and migrant workers and, hence, have stirred up a whole new climate of anti-foreigner sentiment. Therefore, I believe we need now – more than ever – to get back to being a compassionate, caring society with a keen sense of fair play.

If you’d like to help in this endeavour, please sign this petition. Hopefully, if we get over 17 million signatures, then Conservative/DUP and Labour MPs may start paying attention to this vital issue.

Forget fatuous assertions like “take back control”, “exact same terms”, “have our cake and eat it” and “Brexit means Brexit” and, instead, think about how we work together to build a fairer, more just, more equitable, more compassionate, caring society in the UK. Your signature on this petition could make a real difference.

Can I urge everyone to sign the petition at if you wish to reclaim the country you once loved.


Author: Alan Meekings

Alan Meekings is a management consultant specialising in the field of Organisational Performance Management. He has led programmes of major change and sustainable improvement with public, private and third sector organisations for over thirty years. He is a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University School of Management, a Visiting Scholar at Heriot-Watt University School of Management and a member of the European Movement nationally and in Lincolnshire.


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