Month: May 2017

New Chair to be Elected for the Conservative Group for Europe – How might this affect the Party?

As Neil Carmichael MP stands down at the end of his term of office as Chair of the Conservative Group for Europe, we thank him for his work during this time. We also look at how different the Conservative Party is now to what it was just five years ago and consider what the next Chair might face. The biggest change of course is that the hard right would be ‘puppet masters’ in our party who have been accused of systematically manipulating and at times intimidating, have made their way into a position of prominence and control. This has culminated on 29th March with the triggering of article 50 which has far from united the country, but rather further tore it asunder. Our PM’s actions since then and her clear intent to destroy all opposition both internal and external and push for a hard Brexit are being met by derision on the continent and determined resistance at home. The PM has, incorrectly in my opinion, been likened to Margaret Thatcher, who I had a lot of time for during my 10 years with the MoD and in so many ways there are major differences that makes this far from the case. Theresa May has had a major say in who she wants as candidates to stand for election this June and following her probable re-election, she will no doubt...

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Welcome to New Leicestershire European Movement Branch & Press Release

PRESS RELEASE dated 11 May 2017   Voting and Europe Stephen Dorrell, who was the Conservative MP for Loughborough and then later Charnwood for many years, is now Chair of the UK branch of the European Movement, an international, cross-party organization inspired by the vision and values of Winston Churchill. In 1945 Europe was a wasteland of bomb sites and corpses. Churchill knew that political action was needed to ensure that nationalism and fascism would be defeated and he promoted the founding of the European Movement dedicated to promoting European unity. A branch of the European Movement has recently...

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